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King Waguia is a locally-owned and -operated tailoring business that specialises in personalising all your favourite clothing items. Our experienced tailors will alter your clothing to fit perfectly. Whether you’d like a more modern look, a slimmer line, or freedom of movement to play your violin in a tuxedo, our tailors will have you beautifully turned out in next to no time.

Clothing alteration & repairs

 Pants, trousers, jeans, slacks & shorts:

  • shorten jeans with original hems
  • shorten pants/trousers with or without a cuff
  • lengthen pants/trousers
  • taper pants/trouser legs to fit snugly e.g. from bootleg to skinny
  • sew up or remove bulky pockets
  • take in or let out skirt/pants/trouser waists
  • lower the waistband
  • replace broken zips & rivets
  • replace buttons & jeans buttons
  • darn jeans for the fashionable distressed look.


Dresses & skirts:

  • re-styling of any dress or skirt that’s outdated
  • shorten any style dress, from sun frocks to wedding dresses. Ask us to run up a little matching bag or scarf for you from the cropped fabric!
  • taper the dress for a better fit, replacing zips if needed
  • lift the shoulders on the dress if too big, & shorten sleeves
  • change necklines.


Shirts & blouses:

  • shorten men’s or ladies’ shirt length, whether straight-cut or curved-cut, identical to the original style
  • taper shirts to fit snugly on the body
  • shorten sleeves, with or without cuffs
  • replace buttons, stitch extra buttonholes
  • turn the collar if it becomes a bit tatty.


Jackets & suits:

  • re-style any jacket that’s outdated
  • shorten or lengthen the sleeves, with or without the flap & buttons, identical to the original
  • shorten jackets
  • taper jackets to fit more snugly
  • replace lining in jackets, adding extra inner pockets if needed
  • convert double-breasted jackets into single-breasted by re-cutting & shaping the front of the jacket.


Swimwear & sportswear:

  • replace broken clips on swimwear
  • re-cut bikini bottoms into smaller shape or Brazilian tanga style
  • shorten or alter tracksuits & stretchy gym pants.

Trading Hours

 Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm
 Saturday 9am - 2pm
 Sunday Closed
 Public Holidays Closed